Visit: Turner's House

Join our visit to Turner's former home Sandycombe Lodge in Twickenham.

In his younger years Turner had yearned for a getaway where he could work and relax without too many interruptions. He wanted to build a modest classical villa rather than a grand house. When he was 32 Turner first purchased land in 1807 but it was not until 1812 that he started building the house. When there, Turner was very happy and as well as painting he was able to enjoy one of his other obsessions, fishing. He sold the Lodge in 1826.

The Turner House Trust which now owns the Lodge has carried out major work to return the Lodge to the vision revealed in Turner’s sketches. The result is a truly stunning house which surprises and amazes all visitors.

The house has two narrow staircases, and due to the unique nature of the Lodge the tour will be divided into two groups. There will be a five minute walk from the drop-off point. In nearby Crown Road, coffee/tea/refreshments are readily available. 

The visit is limited to 26. A coach will leave Goldsworth Park Recreation Ground Car Park at 11.45am and leave the Lodge to return to Woking at about 4.15pm.

If booking a Friends ticket, you will need to enter the three digit Friends number found on your special green Friends Annual Pass. Please note that only one discounted ticket may be booked per Friend.

Wednesday 24 January 2018 | 11.45am
£25 Adult | £22 Friend payable online or at The Lightbox Reception

Image by Ann Purkiss © Turner’s House Trust 2017

Sorry, this event is now closed.
40 Sandycombe Road, Twickenham, TW1 2LR Date and time 24 January, 2018 11.45 - 17.00
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