Anna Liber Lewis: Young Contemporary Talent from The Ingram Collection

Anna Liber Lewis has been invited to stage an exhibition in response to a chosen artwork from The Ingram Collection. Anna’s work is often concerned with ideas around female sexuality, and challenging the depiction of woman, created historically by men.

Taking an Eileen Agar painting, ‘The Sower’ as inspiration, Anna has produced a series of paintings demonstrating the artists’ shared interests in natural forms, cycles of seasons, life and death and the subconscious.

Anna’s work is often concerned with ideas around female sexuality, challenging depictions of women created historically by men. Seeking comfort in Agar’s work, the artist says, “It is enriching to strike a connection with another female artist across time, tracing her thoughts and desires in her work and biography. I was drawn to allowing shape, form, memory and intuition enter my work; and it feels reassuring to see this shift in my own practice validated through Agar.”

1 December 2018 – 6 January 2019
Free entry, suggested donation £3 

Associated Event

Meet the Artist

Join award-winning painter Anna Liber-Lewis, as she talks about her life and work to date. Anna’s work explores the female form and its relationship as both a vessel for feminist defiance and male desire.

With Jo Baring, Curator of  The Ingram Collection. Taking place in the Art Fund Prize Gallery.

Tuesday 4 December 2018, 2.30pm
Free entry, limited places
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