University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Graduate Show

This exhibition showcases highlights from the MFA Photography summer degree show from the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. The exhibition, now in its fourth year, continues the development of a relationship between the University and The Lightbox and enables recently graduated artists to show their work in a professional gallery.

The exhibition will show a diverse selection of artwork from 27 talented students: Matt Irving, Vijay Babu Krishnamoorthy, Ratheesh Edayamparambath, Natalie Pätzold, Anna Harrison, Yasmin Stephens, Jordan Oakley, Lisa Beer, Su Ji, Xiaoran Xu, Amanda Whittle, Ally Robinson, Ying Gao, Sarah Williams, Jamie Newson, Ernielson Limbo, Helen Taylor, Lucy Jarvis, Madeline Regan, Ruth McKee, Samara Knight, Alice Andrew, Emma Fox, Jacqueline Martins Almeida, David Ward, Connor Kitching, and Alexandra Akigg. The exhibition has been carefully put together by a curatorial team including Sarah Howe, Anna Harisson, Matt Irving, Natalie Pätzold, and Xiaoran Xu.

A range of themes are examined in the students’ work. Xiaoran Xu, for example, attempts to translate the British landscape to a Chinese audience. She transforms the English scenery into something mysterious and magical where what seems like trees loom out of misty skies and layers of green overlap one another like a slowed time lapse movie.

Ally Robinson also takes us one step away from reality through her vast enlargements of a set of transparencies discovered in a deserted building on a military estate. These distorted iterations of a keen amateur’s snapshots, affected by damp and decay, appear as apocalyptic scenes from a damaged world.

In contrast Matt Irving looks at the urban landscape of Aldershot as a miniature vignette to represent the whole of the UK in its current state of decline. His night time images take us into a seemingly murky underworld of booze shops and bingo halls nestled between down trodden streets and broken down shops.

Students also explored themes of memory, identity, and the perception of mental health. Amanda Whittle’s touching and emotional short film about her friend Ali brings to mind a powerful Beckett like portrait of life. The film opens up a gamut of questions about how we view mental health issues in contemporary society and warns of the dangers of our serious lack of understanding.

4 February 2017 – 26 February 2017

Free entry | Donations welcome

Image: Natalie Pätzold , Finding the void © The Artist


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