At The Lightbox, we have a fantastic team of volunteers who give up their time to help us. They fulfil a wide range of Front of House roles including greeting our visitors, supervising exhibitions, leading tours and lending a hand at special events.

Some volunteers come in once a week, but others just help out whenever they can. They play a vital role at The Lightbox and are fundamental to our success and sustainability.


Etienne has volunteered at The Lightbox for just over a year now. Etienne is currently working hard on his portfolio, with hopes to continue his studies in Fine Arts.

Etienne says "Being at The Lightbox surrounded by different types of artwork and creative people, inspires me."

Jane is one of our latest Volunteers at The Lightbox. Jane started volunteering at The Lightbox after retiring from a career in the creative arts, The Lightbox has been a constant in Jane's life as she is local to the area and would often visit in her spare time.

Jane says "For me, The Lightbox is somewhere that I feel safe and welcome. Volunteering here gives me the opportunity to make new friends, be social and feel inspired."

Mai volunteers at The Lightbox when she can.

Mai says "I love volunteering at The Lightbox because it is full of kind, friendly people and I enjoy learning about the art on display. It is a great way for me to meet new people and improve my English".

Maureen has been volunteering at The Lightbox for over 6 years.

"Woking is so lucky to have The Lightbox and I am so proud to be associated with it. Volunteering here gives me the chance to meet new people and wear my favourite clothes".

Thank you to all of our volunteers who shared their experiences. We are always keen to welcome new volunteers to the team, if you are interested in volunteering at a gallery and museum, contact [email protected]