Easter Letter Hunt

Have a go at our Easter Letter Hunt using our 360 virtual tour to find the answers to the clues. Read more

Art for Normals: Book Art

"Art for Normals" blogs are aimed at everyone - we want you all to feel good with a bit of art. No artistic knowledge or, dare we say it, "talent" required! Read more

The Origins of Tea in Britain by Richard and Rosemary Christophers

Heritage volunteers Richard and Rosemary offer us an overview of a favourite British beverage: tea. Read more

How to Draw: Proportion

Artist Marianne Frost offers her tips and tricks on how to draw proportions of the face using a sculpture from The Ingram Collection. Read more

Can You Make an Animal Using 5 Items?

We challenged ourselves to create animals using a maximum of five items from our desks or work-spaces. Read more

David Hockney: “Artistic Polymath” by Richard Freeman

Lightbox volunteer Richard Freeman talks David Hockney, and the artist’s many ways of working. Read more

Why women? The female-only photographic exhibition at The Lightbox

Photographer Anne-Katrin Purkiss addresses the gender imbalance, tackling the disproportionate representation of male artists and scientists that was all too evident in even her own collections. Read more

Sophie Ryder: Sculpting a Female Future in the Arts

Ahead of her in conversation with Director Marilyn Scott, sculptor Sophie Ryder offers a glimpse into her career to date. Read more