Poetic Drawings © Leoni James

Artists from the University of Gloucestershire will be joining us to share their artistic skills with you during their exhibition Material Thinking.

This is an unique opportunity to work with a practising artist and learn more about their work. You will have the chance to create artwork that shows you new techniques to use to build your art portfolio.

In this workshop, you will explore how writing and making can come hand in hand. We will be exploring the Material Thinking exhibition and the theme of materiality and responding to this with writing and drawing.

You will be guided through writing a short poem or story from your response to the exhibition and then go on to creating pieces of art through experimental drawing techniques. This will give you the opportunity to learn some mark making techniques that will become useful for your own development.

Each individual will leave the workshop with unique pieces of writing and art. We hope that this workshop will give you a sense of freedom and provide a new form of inspiration and process for creating art.      

All materials are provided. 

This workshop is subsidised by The University of Gloucestershire to keep the selling price low.

For 11-16 years.  Please note that the artist is only able to work with children of this age group.