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Café Scientifique is a fun, engaging, informal way to discuss science and technology. Takes place in the Education Studio.

The Matrix of Confusion
Would you rather be diagnosed with a disease you don't have, or not diagnosed with something you do have? How high a risk would you be willing to run, of being 'recognised' by police face recognition as a criminal, when presumably you are not, so that more real criminals would be caught? How do we asses the effectiveness of techniques like medical diagnosis, scanning, automatic recognition?

The measures of how well something correctly detects what it is looking for are called the 'Matrix of Confusion': for good reason, because they are indeed confusing.

In this talk Chris Bore explains and discusses these measures, their implications, and how we can interpret them in an informed way to make personal choices.

Thurs 26 March 2020, 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Free Entry | Suggested Donation £3