Image: Mandala Chamber © Chantal Powell 

Open to 11-16 year-olds, the Young Creatives programme gives young people the chance to explore art in various forms whilst also meeting creative professionals and peers.

In these two online afternoon sessions, you will be able to join contemporary artists Dr. Chantal Powell and Dean Melbourne who will be exhibiting as part of the upcoming Night Shaking with The Ingram Collection exhibition.

You will learn more about each of the artists before they help you to create your own work inspired by their own practice.

Materials for both sessions:

  • Plain Paper
  • Pencil
  • Coloured pencils or felt tips
  • A ruler or straight edge
  • Three or four round objects i.e plate, bowl, cup, or compass (if you have one)

Thurs 11 March - Folded Geometric Drawings

Dean Melbourne leads this session which sheds light on the process used in the making of the abstract paintings that feature in Night Shaking. He will share some of the simple processes he used to create the basic designs, the symbolism of these simple geometric shapes, and why he takes on the persona of The Black Eyed Monster to make them.

You will have the chance to design your own pieces and to explore what they might tell us about you.

Thurs 18 March - Mandala Making for Self-Exploration

Join artist Chantal Powell for a session on the magic of the mandala. She will share the making process and hidden meanings of her alchemical clay chambers that feature in the upcoming Night Shaking exhibition. These sculptures use the labyrinth and mandala motif as their foundation.

You will learn about how mandalas can give insights into our inner world and then, using ideas from alchemy, nature, and ancient traditions, you will make three different types of mandalas yourself as inner self-portraits.

Thurs 11 & 18 March 2021, 4.30pm – 6.00pm
£20 for both sessions

By booking onto this session you are agreeing to our online workshop terms and conditions The workshop will be hosted on Zoom and you will be able to check your connection from 4.00pm onwards on the day. 

Bookings will close for this event at 4.00pm on Thursday 11 March for both sessions.