The Art and Wellbeing programme provides opportunities for those that would otherwise not be able to access and enjoy arts and heritage services to take part in creative and therapeutic workshops.

Our philosophy embodies the notion that art has the power to make you feel good - which is why we are passionate about providing art for everyone. The Art and Wellbeing programme provides free community workshops for those living with dementia and their carers, those affected by mental health issues, those in local care homes and hospices and clients of the nearby York Road Project homeless shelter.

Sessions include:

  • Art in Mind
  • Art Without Walls
  • Open Mind
  • Art and Crafts 4 Wellbeing
  • Creative projects with the York Road Project
  • Drop-in arts and craft workshops for families and children
  • Drawing for Adults
  • Storytelling and painting for under 5s

Whether you choose to become a Lightbox Member, attend a fundraising event, visit an exhibition or buy something from our Shop, all proceeds feed back into the charity, which means our Art and Wellbeing programme can thrive.

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Couple Mary and David began coming to Art in Mind sessions at The Lightbox in 2016 as a means to enjoy some quiet time creating artwork together.

“Art, singing, dancing – it’s good for you,” beams Mary. “People need art – more and more now, especially in this day and age when everything is machine-orientated. You need to get away from that and have a conversation and do something real – something physical. Drawing is really good, and David feels the same too.”

“Believe it or not, people suffer with dementia – but we have a laugh. We’ll keep coming to Art in Mind for as long as we can.”

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