Image: Chantal Powell (b. 1977) Night Sea Journey, 2020 © Chantal Powell

NightShaking is a creative collaboration using The Ingram Collection and contributions from contemporary artists Dr Chantal Powell and Dean Melbourne. Objects made by Chantal and Dean will sit alongside works from The Ingram Collection as the artists explore the Dark Night of the Soul and the Night Sea Journey narrative.

Chantal and Dean’s ongoing collaborative project channels reflections on navigating these dark experiences – both chaotic and disorientating – and a journey that is necessary to achieve victory. The recurring motif of a dark experience is commonly found in stories, both old and new, and explored in modern psychological practices. Visitors to the exhibition may have been on this journey, where creation, discovery, and renewal emerge only after the darkness.

10 July - 19 September 2021
£7.50 Day Pass ● Lightbox Members and Under 21s Free