Pre-book your timeslot for Main and Upper Gallery exhibitions ahead of your visit at The Lightbox.

You may arrive at any time within your allotted slot, but must vacate the galleries before the next timeslot begins. Upon your arrival at The Lightbox, please check in at the Meet & Greet table by the front entrance before heading up to the galleries.

Pre-booking online is advised but if slots remain available on the day it will be possible to book in person at Reception. To check availability please call 01483 737837.

Tues 27 October
Pre-book Tues 27 October, 10.30am
Pre-book Tues 27 October, 12.30pm
Pre-book Tues 27 October, 2.30pm

Wed 28 October
Pre-book Wed 28 October, 10.30am
Pre-book Wed 28 October, 12.30pm
Pre-book Wed 28 October, 2.30pm

Thurs 29 October
Pre-book Thurs 29 October, 10.30am
Pre-book Thurs 29 October, 12.30pm
Pre-book Thurs 29 October, 2.30pm

Fri 30 October
Pre-book Fri 30 October, 10.30am
Pre-book Fri 30 October, 12.30pm
Pre-book Fri 30 October, 2.30pm

Sat 31 October
Pre-book Sat 31 October, 10.30am
Pre-book Sat 31 October, 12.30pm
Pre-book Sat 31 October, 2.30pm

Sun 1 November
Pre-book Sun 1 November, 11.00am
Pre-book Sun 1 November, 1.00pm
Pre-book Sun 1 November, 2.30pm

Tues 3 November
Pre-book Tues 3 November, 10.30am
Pre-book Tues 3 November, 12.30pm
Pre-book Tues 3 November, 2.30pm

Wed 4 November
Pre-book Wed 4 November, 10.30am
Pre-book Wed 4 November, 12.30pm
Pre-book Wed 4 November, 2.30pm

Thurs 5 November
Pre-book Thurs 5 November, 10.30am
Pre-book Thurs 5 November, 12.30pm
Pre-book Thurs 5 November, 2.30pm

Fri 6 November
Pre-book Fri 6 November, 10.30am
Pre-book Fri 6 November, 12.30pm
Pre-book Fri 6 November, 2.30pm

Sat 7 November
Pre-book Sat 7 November, 10.30am
Pre-book Sat 7 November, 12.30pm
Pre-book Sat 7 November, 2.30pm

Sun 8 November
Pre-book Sun 8 November, 11.00am
Pre-book Sun 8 November, 1.00pm
Pre-book Sun 8 November, 2.30pm

Please note pre-booking timeslots are released every Monday, a week in advance.

Timeslots for week 10 - 15 November will - made available on Mon 2 November, 10.00am.