Please donate £10 for 10 years

Help us celebrate our 10th anniversary by contributing to our ‘£10 for 10 years’ campaign.

September 2017 will be the 10 year anniversary of The Lightbox, and to mark the occasion we are asking our visitors and supporters to make £10 donations. The past 10 years have seen many successes, and this fundraising campaign will help secure a sustainable future.

As a charity, The Lightbox is reliant on donations to help support its quality programme of exhibitions and the wider programme such as the talks, tours, free children’s activities and community-led projects. Your generous donation of £10 (or more if you are in a position to do so) will make a real difference in securing a bright future for The Lightbox and those who benefit from our programmes.


If you would like to give a bit more, become an Anniversary Angel and give £30 for 30 months.

Become an Anniversary Angel

Your donation will help to support:

Community Projects


Workshops for all ages

The Lightbox is a registered charity (no. 1073543).

Images: Blind and partially sighted tour © The Lightbox; Children's workshops © The Lightbox; Young Curators © The Lightbox; Visitors admire photographic work by Woking College Students in the Upper Gallery © Kim Labithiotis

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£25.00 Thanks to Mr John Hunter 02 August 2017 The Lightbox is improving all the time-keep going!
£10.00 Thanks to Dr Janet Shirley 29 July 2017 The Lightbox is really worth supporting. The exhibitions and activities ae great and so is the work carried out in the community.
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Pamela Hill 26 July 2017 Well done on ten years of operations.
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Edward Hill 26 July 2017 Congratulations on the Tenth Anniversary.
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Helen Cross 26 July 2017
£25.00 Thanks to Anonymous 28 June 2017
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 15 June 2017
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Clare McCann 13 June 2017 keep up the good work
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Elizabeth Welman 13 June 2017
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 12 June 2017
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 11 June 2017
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Matt Whyndham 10 June 2017 Happy Birthday Lightbox, hope you grow to be 100!
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Rosalind Shankla 10 June 2017
£25.00 Thanks to Ms Anna Molesworth 09 June 2017 Thank you Lightbox for 10 years of Visual therapy! Where would Woking be without you.
£10.00 Thanks to Mr richard clarke 09 June 2017 Well Done ! Keep up the good work.
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 09 June 2017
£20.00 Thanks to Anonymous 09 June 2017 Such an interesting space with so many changing exhibitions. Good to have it in Woking!
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 09 June 2017
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Linda Dunford 02 June 2017 Keep up the good work.
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 26 May 2017
£10.00 Thanks to Anonymous 15 May 2017 Thank you for providing an amazing experience - right on our doorstep!
£10.00 Thanks to Mr Christopher Gramstadt 08 May 2017 Keep up the good work!
£10.00 Thanks to Miss Sheila Dyke 07 May 2017
£50.00 Thanks to Mr Hugh Andrews 05 May 2017 Inspirational!
£25.00 Thanks to Mr Geoff Hutchings 02 May 2017 Great Gallery and Museum, looking forward to next 10 years
£25.00 Thanks to Mr Greg Freeman 02 May 2017 Congratulations to the Lightbox on its tenth anniversary! Keep shining your light in Woking
£10.00 Thanks to Mrs Helen Liu 02 May 2017 Love The Lightbox!
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