Explore what artworks are made from in this discovery session that takes you on a tour of our galleries and investigates mystery materials in an object handling session. This session encourages fascination with artworks along with descriptive language and will have the group comparing the properties of materials that artwork can be made from. Students will then make their own mini gallery to take back to school with them.

Group size: up to 30 children per session, and up to two sessions can be run simultaneously (60 students).
Session duration: 2 hours
National curriculum topics covered: Art and Design, Science, Design and Technology

Advanced booking is essential for all school groups, including self-guided tours. Visiting groups who wish to have facilitated activity sessions must book at least two months in advance of their visit. In order to ensure an enjoyable visit, there is a maximum class size of 30 children per activity session and up to two sessions can be run simultaneously.

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