Handle original Tudor artefacts that have been found on the site of Woking Palace, a royal hunting lodge owned by Henry VIII. Students will explore how the Tudors lived and the difference between the Tudor rich and poor and get to dress up as a Tudor nobleman – or a beggar! This workshop will help students consider how significant people in history effected their own local area. Back in the studio they will be able to make their own coat of arms badge.

Group size: up to 30 children per session, and up to two sessions can be run simultaneously (60 students).
Session duration: 2 hours
National curriculum topics covered: History, Art and Design

Advanced booking is essential for all school groups, including self-guided tours. Visiting groups who wish to have facilitated activity sessions must book at least two months in advance of their visit. In order to ensure an enjoyable visit, there is a maximum class size of 30 children per activity session and up to two sessions can be run simultaneously.

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