School FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions for school groups

If you have a question about school visits to The Lightbox that isn't answered below, please contact our Learning Team on 01483 737815 or email

Do I have to make a booking before we come to The Lightbox?
Advance booking is essential for all school groups, including self-guided groups. Visiting groups who wish to have staff/volunteer led activity sessions must book at least two months in advance of their visit. If you come to the gallery without a booking, we cannot guarantee that there will be space for your group.

How much does it cost to visit The Lightbox?
Self-guided visits are charged at £15 per 30 children. Groups that would like to have Lightbox guided activity sessions, which include a creative workshop in the Education Studio, will be charged £90 to £100 per 30 children, depending on the topic, up to 60 children max per visit.

What are activity sessions?
Activity sessions include a hands on gallery session led by Lightbox staff or specially trained volunteers and a creative workshop in the Education Studio. They are suitable for students Key Stage 1 and above.

How long does each activity session last?
Activity sessions last approximately two hours, one hour in the gallery and one hour in the Education Studio.

When are activity sessions offered?
Sessions begin at 10am and are available Tuesdays to Fridays. The Lightbox is closed on Mondays. Other times may be available, please call the Learning Team to discuss.

How can I book a visit?
Contact the Learning Team at or phone at 01483 737815 to request a booking form.

There are 35 children in our year group, can we all take part in one activity session?
In order to ensure an enjoyable visit, there is a maximum class size of 30 children per activity session. Up to two activity sessions can be run simultaneously. Larger groups can book two activity sessions and be divided evenly, for example a larger group of 35 can be divided into two smaller groups of 18 and 17.

Are you able to accomodate more than 60 children in one visit?
Due to space constraints, it is unlikely that groups of more than 60 children will be able to participate in regularly scheduled Activity Sessions. Special activities may be planned to accommodate visiting groups of more than 60 children. Please contact the Learning Team to discuss possible options.

Is there a car park to park the coach?
There is no coach park, but coaches can drop off on Brewery Road. Please visit the Woking Borough Council website for more information on coach parking in Woking.

Is it safe to walk to The Lightbox from the coach drop off point?
Groups can walk from Brewery Road to The Lightbox (2 minutes) by crossing the bridge over the canal.

Are there any eating facilities for school groups at The Lightbox?
Groups who are taking part in workshop sessions will be able to eat packed lunches in the Education Studio at the start or end of their session by prior arrangement. There are no eating facilities available onsite for groups who are not taking part in booked workshop sessions.

Can you provide catering for school groups?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide catering for school groups.

Is there easy access to toilets?
There are toilets on every floor of The Lightbox.

Is there somewhere to store coats and bags?
Yes, there will be moving racks to store coats and small bags. All objects are left at their owner’s own risk.

Are schoolchildren allowed in the shop?
Due to space constraints, only 5 children will be allowed into the shop at a time. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What is the required ratio of adults to children?
School groups are required to provide at least one adult per 8 students under the age of 12 and one adult per 10 students under the age of 18. Teachers are expected to stay with their classes at all times and to be in charge of their behaviour while visiting The Lightbox.

Are there any accesibility issues at The Lightbox?
The Lightbox is fully accessible. Teachers and group leaders are encouraged to visit The Lightbox before coming with their groups to identify any possible access issues.

Can I come and visit The Lightbox before bringing my class?
Teachers are welcome to make pre-visits to The Lightbox any time during opening hours. Please email or phone 01483 737815 for more information.

Are there any teachers' packs available?
Teachers’ packs on The Ingram Collection; Portraits, Tudors in Woking and WWII in Woking can be downloaded from the Resources page on our website.



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