This gallery session aims to develop students critical understanding by exploration of artworks considering form, content, context, process and mood. Based in our Main Gallery, students will be encouraged to observe, analyse and evaluate art and its theories with reasoned judgements. The tasks can be applied to different areas of art and design practice which can then be used for further classroom discussion.

Group size: up to 30 children max per visit
Session duration: 90 minutes
National curriculum topics covered: History, English, Art and Design, Citizenship

Cost: £150 +VAT for state schools, £180 +VAT for private schools. You can include a creative workshop for an additional fee. Please call for details.

Advanced booking is essential for all school groups, including self-guided tours. Visiting groups who wish to have facilitated activity sessions must book at least two months in advance of their visit. In order to ensure an enjoyable visit, there is a maximum class size of 30 students per visit.

Please check our Frequently asked Questions for further information.