I am a student who is currently studying at Woking College, and I did a work experience week at The Lightbox in March 2023.

Currently there is an exhibition on showcasing Nagihan Seymour’s stunning art which focuses on pattern and her lifelong interest in art, design, science and mathematics, as well as drawing inspiration from her personal experience of growing up in Istanbul. 

As part of my work experience I got a chance to visit the exhibition of Seymour’s work. I found her work to be incredibly intricate and detailed. This piece is called ‘Perfect Uterus’. Using the golden ratio she creates a floral representation of a mathematically perfect uterus.

Another piece I particularly enjoyed was the ‘Butterfly Effect’ which uses butterfly feeding habits to inspire its creation. I particularly enjoy the effect that the placement of the origami butterflies creates when you look at it. To me it seems almost like an optical illusion.

In this collection of mosaic tiles Seymour uses a method called Tehzip that is a traditional Turkish technique that dates back to the Ottoman Empire. With my own personal interest in the history of art I enjoyed this part of her work as I love learning about different traditional techniques around the world.

In this geometric pattern I really enjoyed her use of colour as I really enjoy it when artists play around with the use of colour. Her use of the contrast between orange and blue is something I particularly enjoy about this piece as it makes for a really eye catching and striking piece.

To find out more about the artist and the fabulous exhibition please visit: https://www.thelightbox.org.uk/nagihan-seymour-the-golden-ratio