An Interview with Nigel Moores

17 May 2018
Ahead of exhibiting at Bank Gallery: Personal Spaces, Nigel Moores talks about painting as a way of expressing what cannot be said. Read More

An Interview with Stephanie Wilkinson

13 April 2018
A chat with the artist about colour and inspiration. Read More

A Week in the Life of The Lightbox Learning Team

16 March 2018
For Museums & Wellbeing Week, our Learning Team take you behind the scenes during a typical week in the life. Read More

5 Women Artists in Picturing People #IWD2018

07 March 2018
In celebration of International Women's Day 2018, we shine a light on 5 women artists in Picturing People: The Ingram Collection. Read More

Chris Ingram chats about Picturing People

14 February 2018
The man behind The Ingram Collection reflects on some of his favourite pieces in the exhibition Picturing People. Read More

Women of Woking

07 February 2018
In honour of the 100th anniversary of the first women gaining the vote, we shine a light on some of Woking's most inspiring female residents. Read More

The Story of The Lightbox Virtual Reality Project

30 January 2018
Find out what happened behind the scenes on our 360° video project. Read More

Getting to know the photographers behind our station exhibition.

19 January 2018
MFA Photography students from UCA Farnham transformed Woking station with their 'Flora' themed images. Read More

Curator's Blog: Turner in Surrey so far

18 December 2017
Our Curator Peter Hall looks back on a milestone exhibition. Read More