Our philosophy that art has the power to make you feel good means that we try to reach as many people as we can to help boost their wellbeing. While we are closed to the public due to government advice, we're sharing loads of ways to stay creative at home.

"Art for Normals" blogs are aimed at everyone. We want you all to feel good with a bit of art. No artistic knowledge or, dare we say it, talent required!

This way of drawing is based on a surrealist game that enables the artist to start with a piece of blank paper and just draw without overthinking what the drawing will become. Entopic graphomania is great for experimentation and something that doesn’t require many art materials or thoughts - so it's a great way to clear the mind and relax.

Equipment needed:

  • Paper
  • Magazine or newspaper
  • Pens and pencils

You can create an entopic graphomania in two ways. The traditional/original way uses a plain piece of paper, or further to that, you could use a magazine,newspaper or piece of junk mail – anything with some writing on. 

On your plain piece of paper, find any imperfections - maybe a bend or a mark, and draw a dot on each with your pen or pencil.

Keep looking until some marks stand out to you, even if they are not immediately obvious. There is no minimum or maximum number of dots you can make, so just keep going until you don’t want to do anymore.

Connect your dots with straight or curved lines in any direction. You don't have to connect the dots with the same number of lines - just make sure they're all connected to at least one.

What happens when you draw lots of lines close together or further apart?

If you are using a magazine, newspaper or piece of junk mail, add dots sporadically or choose a particular letter or word to add the dots to. We chose to add dots to every capital ‘I’ we found in the text.

Perhaps take it even further by choosing phrases you want to stand out, and then you can create patterns over the parts you don’t want to see.

Next, start connecting the dots whichever way you want. Wavy, straight or dotted lines all work and you can mix them up if you like too - there is no wrong answer!

As you connect the dots together, you will start to see patterns emerge and you'll naturally find "paths" to follow which instinctively affect where you decide to put the next line.

You could add watercolour afterwards or use coloured pens to fill in gaps to create a beautiful coloured entopic graphomania or just leave it how it is.

We'd love to see your creations so share them on social media or in the comments below!