This week on the blog, art students from Woking College take us behind the scenes throughout the process of setting up their end of year exhibition at The Lightbox. Flora walks us through the experience:

The Lightbox has given the opportunity to Woking College to have another very exciting and unique summer exhibition from the art department’s student. Both the first and second year students get the chance to present their work to the public and experience of putting up a whole exhibition with their tutors. With all the students help the gallery was ready for the private view just in two days.

The private view, which was an opening afternoon on last Wednesday, was really eventful as many people came to see our work. The evening had a mini fashion show with all the detailed and colourful work of the textile students. Students who volunteered to wear their fashionable pieces walked down on the main stairs of the Lightbox to present these garments in an eye catching way.

All the final pieces and installations have something different about them, even if the themes are similar, they are truly unique and people should definitely go and admire all the hard work that the students put into this year’s exhibition. Don’t miss out on all this year’s work so go and see it before the 9th July (free entry).

First day after unloading the van. Staff members and students helping with the first steps of putting the pieces up.

Second day of putting up work. Gemma and Esme putting up a bigger installation.

Applied Art students helping with a photography installation about fashion magazines.

Just finished the final touches on these walls.

Finished with putting the pieces up for the private view. 

Students waiting for the fashion show on the private view.

Woking College 10th Annual Art and Design Show is open with free entry until 9 July 2017.
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