We’ve been closed for just over a week now, but we’re all staying positive whilst doing what we can from home.

Regrettably, there are many things we are unable to do remotely, like deliver our exciting cultural programme of workshops, talks, tours and – of course – exhibitions. However, this time away from the office is a really great opportunity for us to create loads of exciting new content for you that we haven’t been able to share before.

Every week, we'll be setting challenges for our Lightbox team to complete in a bid to bring us together whilst working apart and most importantly, to stay creative.

Last week, we challenged ourselves to create an animal using a maximum of five items from our desks or work-spaces. Here's what we came up with:

Barney the Bee by our Visitor Experience Events Officer, Mary.

Barney buzzes above Mary's work station to keep her company, but he buzzes even louder when there are yummy yoghurts around.

Bartolomeow the Lime Cat by Marketing and Communications Officer, Alex.

Bartolomeow is sophisticated and stylish, enjoying relaxed afternoons laying back in the foliage, basking in the glorious sunshine.

Ferdinand the Frog by Learning and Engagement Officer, Vicky.

Ferdinand can't get enough of those hip-hoppity beats blasting through Vicky's headphones.

Florence the Bird by our Learning and Engagement Manager, Heather.

Florence keeps her tail feathers dry during isolation and finds the clean air most refreshing on her daily fly outdoors.

Nikki the Nikon Dog by Membership Assistant, Bill.

Nikki has licked every stick, twig and scrap she can find in the garden. Nikki is enjoying her 24/7 company and Nikki is having a most marvelous time.

Square the Snail by our Office Manager and Bookkeeper, Susanne.

Square sticks indoors, browsing the internet for new tunes and swaying to smooth melodies ringing round her shell.

And Terry the Tortoise by our Senior Marketing and Communications Officer, Sarah.

Terry enjoys slow strolls around the garden and flicking through his favourite magazines with a cup of tea in the morning sun.

How did we do? Which animal friend is your favourite?

Now it's your turn! Tag us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to show us your new animal friends.