Next week I have the exciting prospect of travelling to China to speak at an event in Beijing. I am travelling as part of a British Council team meeting with senior Chinese Museum professionals to pass on our knowledge and expertise as to how UK Museums are operating as successful income generating businesses. Traditionally Chinese museums have been supported by the state at great cost but have the potential to earn a great deal of income from tourists, as China opens up as a major tourist destination for the West. The visit will include talks, workshops and round table discussions with representatives from a very wide range of Chinese museums.

The event is being held at the China National Museum of Women and Children. This is a new museum, opened in 2011. Three floors are devoted to artefacts, games and activities associated with childhood. Three are about women, moving through the changes in women's roles in food production, industry, literature, warfare and government. It tracks the progress for women's equality in the 20th century, with the rise of Republicanism and Communism. Typically, as with all public museums in China, it is very large! Looking forward to visiting very much and also meeting colleagues from my profession in China. Watch this space for an update following my visit.