Can you help us find out more about these trophies? 

About two years ago, local Woking resident Jeremy Howard was taking his son to a football match when he noticed some trophies being thrown into a skip. He rescued them and gave them to The Lightbox for our heritage collection. Intrigued to find out more, our heritage volunteers have researched the names on the trophies, and most are from the Woking Boys’ Grammar School. 

Now the Police Station on Station Approach, the Grammar School closed in 1977, but many long-term Woking residents were students and have fond memories of old school days there. 

Boys from Woking Grammar School picking fruit during WW2 © The Lightbox Heritage Collection

The trophies range from the 1930s-70s, covering chess, cross country, and swimming achievements throughout the decades.

The Chess Club was founded at the school in 1919, growing gradually until 1930, when form and house tournaments and inter-schools matches began. In 1932 chess competitions for two trophies given to the school by “a kind friend” were started and chess increased in popularity in the school, the club having over one hundred members by 1949.

Do you know anything about any of these names? Come and have a look at the display to see more, maybe you will recognise yourself or your relative's name! If you can give us any more information about these trophies or the students mentioned, please write a note in the booklet at the side of the display, or contact us on [email protected].

See the display now outside Woking's Story.