Have a go at our Easter Letter Hunt!

Use our 360 virtual tour to find the answers to the clues. Make a note of the first letter of each answer to reveal the secret message at the end.

The answers are at the bottom of this post, so don’t scroll too far down the page until you are finished and want to check you've got it right. Remember, you can always ask an adult to help you if you get stuck.

  1. What is the Wi-Fi code for Seasons Café?

  2. Which part of the body is the largest sculpture on the ground floor of?

  3. In the Main Gallery find the painting with the blue fan. What colour is the tablecloth in the painting?

  4. Outside Woking’s story there is a photograph of people playing a game. What game are they playing? What games do you play at home?

  5. Fill in the missing word: _____ and Queens visited Woking Palace. Can you name a Royal person who visited Woking Palace?

  6. What colour are the drawers in the Make and Play area on the top floor at the top of the stairs? The drawers contain everyday items like plates and cups to make sculptures from. Make something from objects you have at home and send us a photo.

  7. What is hanging from the tree in the Art Fund Prize Gallery?

  8. What colour are the pencil pots in the wooden trolleys in the Learning Studio?

  9. What musical instrument can you see in Woking’s Story? Do you know who it belonged to?

  10. What letter made from crayons can you find in the Learning Studio? Make the first letter of your name from things you find at home and share a photo with us!

That was the last clue, so don’t scroll any further until you want to see the answers!

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  1. Coffee (C)
  2. Head (H)
  3. Orange (O)
  4. Cricket (C)
  5. King (K)
  6. Yellow (Y)
  7. Eyes (E)
  8. Green (G)
  9. Guitar (G)
  10. Storytelling artwork (S)

Which spells: CHOCKY EGGS!

Happy Easter!