Ahead of our Balloon Modeller free drop-in workshop on 26 July with expert Graham, we have put together five top tips to help get you started. With a bit of practice, you might even be able to rival Graham!

1. Hold the balloon whilst twisting.

Make sure that you hold your balloon when twisting your shapes – place your twisting hand at the top end of the balloon and your holding hand at the knot, otherwise it won’t stay in place and you will end up with a not so impressive snake instead!

2. Underinflate your balloon.

Particularly when trying out a new shape, it makes it much easier to practice and minimises the risk of your balloon popping.

3. Trim your fingernails.

It sounds simple, but avoiding sharp edges will again lessen the chances of your balloon popping!

4. Use a pump to blow up your balloon.

If you’re going to spend a lot of time practicing your balloon modelling, a pump will make things much easier for you!

5. Practice your twists.

Lots of animal shapes are very similar such as dogs, rabbits and giraffes, they only differ in bubble sizes. Practicing your twists will then make it much easier to create the different proportions for your animals.

Our Balloon Modeller free drop-in workshop will take place on 26 July, pop in anytime from 11am – 1pm.

Our Summer Family Fun Festival will run from Tues 26 July – Fri 29 July and Tues 2 August – Fri 5 August.

Image credit: China Balloon © Contraband events, Balloon Car © Contraband events.