Our philosophy that art has the power to make you feel good means that we try to reach as many people as we can to help boost their wellbeing.

While we are closed to the public, we’re sharing snippets from our past exhibitions, inviting our readers to take a break, sit back and indulge in some art for a minute.

Join Peter Hall, Head of Exhibitions, for a game of 'Gallery Roulette' based on our Scottish Colourists exhibition. All you have to do is open the virtual tour and follow Peter's audio instructions from here or use the transcript below.

3D Photography Shot by Simon Sadek www.360virtualtour.co

Transcript of Peter's audio instructions

Using The Lightbox 360 virtual tour, we invite you to take part in a session of 'Gallery Roulette', based on our Burning Bright: The Scottish Colourists exhibition.


Enter the The Lightbox virtual tour via our website, open the 'Highlights' bar and select the Main Gallery.


Have a scroll around the Gallery taking in the layout. Turn randomly and pick a work that you want to look more closely at. Use the cursor to get nearer to the painting.

Look at the frame. Look at the shadows around the frame. Is there another picture above it or below it? How about within it?

Look at the arrangement of objects or subject matter within the composition. Look at the colour combinations.

Is there a person in this work? What is the person wearing,  how are they sat?

Or is the painting a landscape? How is the atmosphere created?

Look at how the picture surface is used, is there depth, perspective, flatness? How does the composition look? Is it balanced or broken down?

Are there reflections in the work? Is the surface of the canvas muted in colour, does it radiate softly, is it hard-edged?

Stare at your painting.


Close your eyes. Reflect. Think about what you just looked at.


Open your eyes. What would you draw if you could draw something now? Be bold, use big shapes and big colours. Less detail, more action. Fill your drawing with the energy you take from the work you just looked at.

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