Our Learning Officer Heather was inspired by the upcoming Easter holidays and #inspirationMW to get creative and show us how to make some fun bunny ears! Why not have a go making these over the weekend ready for Easter? If you enjoy getting creative, make sure you have a look at our creative family workshops we’ll be holding over the Easter holidays.
  1. We started by bondawebing two sheets of felt together to make it stiffer, then we marked out our ear shapes on the felt.  Make sure you leave room for two tabs at the bottom of each ear shape to attach them to the band. 
  2. Cut out your ears.

  3. Next make two loops from your wire and glue them to the middle of your ears, this will mean you can bend them into cute expressions later. 

  4. Take your contrast fabric and draw around your felt ears.

  5. Next, cut around the ear shapes you have drawn on the contrast fabric, cut a little inside the line so you will be able to see the felt around the edge, but make sure it will still cover the wire.

  6. Then glue the fabric down over the wire and leave it to dry.

  7. Once your glue has dried, cut a slit into the tab you left at the bottom of each ear. 

  8. Pop a dab of glue onto one side and flap the other side over it at 90 degrees. Again wait for the glue to dry before the next step.

  9. Take both ears and play around with the position.

  10. Once you like where they are going to sit on the band, glue them in place.

  11. There you have it, the perfect Easter accessory

Heather also has a blog ‘Live it. Love it. Make it.’ with her friend Sammy, which is full of great creative ideas so make sure you have a look!