How to Make Giant Bubbles

One of the best ways to make the most of the sunshine this summer is to get outside and enjoy some bubble fun. Ahead of our Bubble Fun and Face Paint Friday workshop this Friday 29 July and Friday 5 August, we have put together some top tips to help you create the biggest and best bubbles this summer holiday.

1. Start your bubble adventures by constructing a funky bubble wand. Take two straws and thread a long piece of string through the ends. Create a loop by tying the two ends of the string together. The longer the piece of string the bigger the bubble!

2. Create handles for your wand by taking two more straws and insert them into the bottom of the straws you used earlier. Now your wand is complete.

3. The next step is to create the bubble mixture. Begin by mixing 4 litres of water, ¼ cup of glycerine, and 1 cup of washing up liquid into a shallow container. For best results leave this mixture over night.

4. Submerge your funky bubble wand into the bubble mixture. Slowly lift up the handles gently pulling them apart until the strings are tight.

5. Finally allow the wind to travel into your bubble by waving your wand around slowly. This will allow your giant bubble to form.

Come and practice your bubble making skills this Friday 29 July and next Friday 5 August from 1.30pm-4.00pm during our Summer Family Fun Festival. All drop-in workshops are free.

Our Summer Family Fun Festival runs from Tues 26 July – Fri 29 August and Tues 2 August – Fri 5 August, find out more information here.