Christmas is nearly here and so are the school holidays, so for this week’s blog, we’ve asked our Learning Officer, Heather, to come up with something crafty to keep the kids amused and get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

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So, over to Heather:

Hi there, as it’s nearly time for the Christmas Spirit to really kick in, I thought I would show you a fun and simple activity that the whole family could do to have a few extra decorations on the Christmas tree this year.
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film is out at the moment and with a little inspiration from Pinterest, I thought these would make a great addition to any tree.
1. You will need; Scissors, Ribbon (Blue, Purple, Orange and Red), double sided tape, self-adhesive googly eyes and Green Baubles.
2. You will need to cut your 4 ribbons to the length that will go around your baubles, with a little overlap.  Then attach double sided tape to one side.
3. Wrap the ribbon around roughly the middle of the bauble and stick in place.
4. Lastly, take off your adhesive eyes and stick onto the ribbon.
5. It really is that simple to make one, so now repeat for all the Turtles.
6. Now you have your set and you can have all your Ninja Turtles on your tree. So you don’t forget which is which; Raphael is Red, Donatello is Purple, Leonardo is Blue and Michelangelo is Orange!

Heather also has a blog ‘Live it. Love it. Make it.’ with her friend Sammy, which is full of great creative ideas so make sure you have a look!