Christmas is just around the corner and so for this week’s blog, we thought that we would help you get into the festive spirit with a Christmas craft idea. After the success of her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle baubles last year, our Learning Officer Heather is back with another fun activity.

Don’t forget that we will be holding two free festive drop-ins to make a friendly Father Christmas to hang on your tree on the 23 December and some fun party glasses for your New Year celebrations on the 30 December. Find out more about our workshops here

So, over to Heather:

Last year you may have seen my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle baubles and so this year I had to go better! Inspired by the new Star Wars movie coming out, I thought I would make R2D2 and BB8 baubles.

You will need: white baubles (mine were from B&Q), sharpies in red, blue, black and orange, silver pen/paint and a pencil if you want to draw first.

1. For R2D2, choose one of your baubles. Draw a line with your silver pen halfway down the bauble, all the way around.

2. Fill in the top part of the bauble with the silver pen, you could also use silver paint if you prefer.

3. Just above the halfway point, draw a blue line all the way around the bauble.

4. At the top, where the hanger is, draw segments out of the centre with the blue pen.

5. Time to start adding details. I started with the larger buttons at the front. Then added in further detail all the way around the bauble including buttons and where R2D2's blue metal areas sit.

6. Then when I was finished with the top part, I added in sections on the bottom until R2D2 was finished.

Then I thought to make a matching pair, I should make the BB8 robot from the new movies.

1. First I started with the top orange loop around the top using an orange sharpie (or highlighter if you don’t have a sharpie).

2. Then onto the silver loop at the top using my trusty silver pen.

3. Camera and buttons came next using the black and a little red for a light showing through.

4. Then onto the bottom silver circle, it is hard to get this straight so you could always use pencil first.

5. I did a small bit of outlining on the silver parts and added some more buttons, but I did keep it pretty simple.

6. Finally, I added some more orange for buttons around the bottom, which went all the way around the bauble.

Then, another one done!

I think they both look great next to each other and are going to make my tree very nostalgic this year, along with my Ninja Turtles from last year.

Heather also has a blog 'Live it. Love it. Make it.' with her friend Sammy, which is full of great creative ideas so make sure you have a look.

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