This year's Summer Family Fun Festival has lots of fun and free children's activities. From Shetland Pony Petting to Balloon Modelling there is something for everyone. If your little ones love arts and crafts you wont want to miss our entertaining drop-in crafts workshops. To prepare for a week of summer fun we asked our Learning Team to show us some easy craft activities you can do at home.

Create your own psychedelic art work with this simple marbling technique using bits and bobs found around your home.

You will need:

  • card
  • a tray (big enough to fit your card in)
  • sensitive shaving foam, poster paints
  • a spoon, a cocktail stick or something to marble with (we used the end of a paintbrush)
  • a ruler or squeegee
  • pipettes (you can use a tea spoon or a paintbrush)
  • Newspaper to avoid mess

1 – Generously squirt some shaving foam into the tray. Spread it out with the back of a spoon so it’s nice and even.

2 – Add a little bit of water to the poster paint so it’s more runny. Use a pipette or teaspoon to drip paint all over the shaving foam.

3 – With a cocktail stick or something similar swirl the paint around. Be careful not to do it too much as it can mix all the paint into a muddy colour.

4 – Place the card on top of the shaving foam and gently rub the back of it. Leave it on there for a couple of minutes to let the card absorb the paint.

5 – Carefully lift the card from the tray. Then slowly scrape the shaving foam off with a ruler or squeegee.

6 – Leave your card to dry and then your Marbling Masterpiece is finished!

For more fun children's activities join us at the Summer Family Fun Festival from Tues 25 - Fri 28 July 2017. For more information CLICK HERE!