Following the success of our first Pop up restaurant here at The Lightbox, we are delighted to be hosting a series of these events throughout 2016 with the next one taking place on the 18 March at 7.30pm.

We chatted to top chef and 'Michelin Mum' Aneke Spacie who is the creative whizz behind the Pop Ups about what inspires her innovative recipes.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be a chef.
When I was 7 years old I was invited to tea at a friend's house, her mum made us avocado boats with prawns in Marie Rose sauce (shows how old I am!). I fell in love with that avocado and I knew from that moment I wanted to be a chef. I landed my first role as a pot wash at 13.

You’re bringing your innovative Pop Up restaurant ‘Food By Aneke’ to The Lightbox, what can we expect from the menu?
Imagination and interaction in a food experience that is really special to reflect the beautiful space that is the Lightbox. I am thrilled to have been asked.

How will this dining experience be different to most?
Textures and unusual flavours that are delicious and served with a playful twist.

Is there anything that inspires you when creating your unique dishes?
Objects more than ingredients. I once saw a flowerpot and created a whole dish around it including edible windmills.

And finally, we have to ask, what do you like about The Lightbox?
I love the experience of seeing something new every time I enter the building, from the gorgeous shop with their pop art one minute to their gorgeous hot air hand blown balloons the next. I went upstairs yesterday and there was a statue of a naked man in bronze! What's not to like about the Lightbox?


Images: 13 Feb Pop Up © Amanda Harwood.

The last Pop Up was a sell-out which garnered great reviews from those that were lucky enough to attend. One visitor commented:

"My wife and I came along to the ‘Food by Aneke’ Pop Up last Saturday and I would like to congratulate everyone involved for putting on a really splendid evening. Obviously the food was the star attraction (and it was absolutely brilliant!) but it takes more than excellent food to make an excellent evening. We thought that everyone involved made a positive contribution to the overall event by being friendly and informative."

Attendant at Feb 13 Pop Up restaurant

The next Pop Up Restaurant will be taking place on Friday 18 March at 7.30pm and the menu will be new and seasonal. Advance booking is essential. For further enquiries or to make a booking, please contact Jess Walrond on 01483 737809 or email [email protected].

Find out more about Food by Aneke.

Banner image: courtesy of Food by Aneke and Waters Edge