Every month we feature a ‘Pick of the Month’ from the Gift Shop on the blog to find out more about the artists and makers of the beautiful arts and crafts, jewellery and handmade products that we stock in our Shop. This month’s pick is the beautiful glass work by local studio glass artist Adam Aaronson. We spoke to Adam to find out more about what inspires him.

What is it that you love about working with glass?

I love the fluidity and lyrical qualities of glass, together with its unpredictability. I find that glass is the ideal medium to express concepts of continual change since its properties are inherently mutable, not only in its molten state but also in the way the play of light creates endless nuances in the finished piece. People often say that glass has a life of its own and it is only when you actually make glass that you understand what this means. It doesn’t always let you do what you want!

Tell us more about your career and how you came to be a glass artist.

I often quip that I’m untrained and untrainable as my degree was in International Relations, which is about as far from glassmaking as you could get! After graduating, I ran a gallery promoting contemporary British glass artists and originally started a studio for artists to work in supplying the gallery. One thing led to another and I ended up becoming an artist working with glass. I’d like to think that I’m still learning. With every new day there’s something new to discover with glass.

You used to have a studio in London, is there a difference in the Surrey arts scene?

Moving to Surrey from London was a complete revelation. Londoners tend to think that the world revolves around London and obviously there is a thriving arts scene all over the city. But everywhere you turn in Surrey there are artists and arts based events and I think I’ve found myself engaging with more artists in Surrey than I did in London. As a direct result of my move to West Horsley I’ve had some of the most exciting commissions of my career, and these would never have come my way when I was in London!

Does the Surrey landscape inspire you?

I find that the colours and atmosphere of places I visit influence me subliminally, and I have always been inspired by the ceaseless mutability of light on the landscape, the sky and water. I am fascinated by horizons, the vanishing point where the land merges with the sky. The Surrey landscape is of course completely different to the urban landscape that I’ve left behind in London and I find this completely inspiring. We live in West Horsley, near Sheepleas and I love walking in the woods and watching the ever-changing interplay of light and shade.

Have you got anything new that you will be bringing to The Lightbox Arts and Craft Fair?

I’m bringing quite a wide selection of work to the fair, including some of my new landscape vessels as well as some colourful paperweights and animals which make excellent presents…There’ll also be some of my ever popular tumblers.

Thank you to Adam for chatting with us! A selection of Adam Aaronson’s glass work is available to buy in our Shop and at our Arts and Craft Fair on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 November.

Find out more about Adam Aaronson Glass Studio and Adam's Glassblowing courses on his website.