Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello! I’m Charlotte, a first-year student from Strodes College, who has been experiencing the work that goes on behind the scenes of many of our popular and familiar artistic institutions, such as here at The Lightbox gallery and museum. I am studying Early Modern History, Classical Civilisation and Fine Art, in hopes that I will be able to pursue my love for ancient history and creative arts at University and in the future.

The current project I am working on surrounds the theme of “nostalgia” where I am investigating how to express familiarity through various styles of artwork. I find that the world of art is also heavily influenced by historical events, movements and beliefs, which can be seen through patterns in many artworks from ancient art to modern art which is why I’ve chosen to study this combination.

Why did you choose The Lightbox for your work experience?

I found that choosing The Lightbox for my work experience was a great way to help me understand “working life” (in relation to my subjects) because I have been able to combine my skills from college into a real-life working atmosphere.

The Lightbox has provided a full timetable of varied activities and tasks to test and incorporate my skills, in a fun and alternative way in order for me to experience the vast selection of jobs and roles within an interactive gallery.

I think The Lightbox is a great place to work and become involved in the exhibitions. I love the way in which it offers many workshops and classes to attend, showing its inclusive atmosphere.

What is your favourite exhibition that we currently have on display and why?

My favourite exhibition on display at the moment is William Crozier: Nature into Abstraction as I find the bold and kaleidoscopic style of his paintings presents a minimized array of fine detail, allowing the viewer to interpret his work more freely. The rough, almost innocent mood transports you back to the wild creativity of childhood-like drawing.

If you were in charge of The Lightbox for a day, what would you change or add?

If I was to be in charge of The Lightbox for a single day, there is honestly not much that I would change or add due to how appealing the gallery is to ALL age groups!

Perhaps people who enjoy art but don’t have the time, resources or confidence to join a class would prefer to engage from home with art kits available to purchase from The Lightbox website or from the gallery shop. These instructional kits can range from small projects for young children up to young adults.

Are you looking to gain some work experience in a museum or art gallery? Do you want to find out more about how cultural institutions operate? Would you like to develop skills to help prepare you for work in the arts sector?

We offer one-week work experience opportunities for those aged 14-19 during school term time. These involve a range of activities and provide a general overview of the workings of a museum and art gallery.

For further details please contact Emily Watkins our Learning and Engagement Officer at [email protected] or phone 01483 737807.