We have a variety of work experience students who comes to us over the year and we recently had Megan come and work with us for the week in November.

Whilst here she was able to learn more about Learning & Engagement, Marketing, Visitor services and Exhibitions departments.

So Megan decided to write a blog about her the art that she saw at The Lightbox, now over to Megan.

Today I visited The Lightbox in Woking, it was wonderful, and there was lots to see. I want to tell everyone about my favourite four pieces of art.

Second girl sitting on a bench, this was made by Lynn Chadwick. I really like the shapes as it looks sharp. My favourite part is the head as it looks like a pyramid.  

Friday arts group, this was made by a group from the Woman’s Support Centre. I love this painting it is bright and colourful. I think it is really clever because they used face masks to create flowers.

Another one of my favourites from the Women’s Support Centre is, let it shine, l like the rainbow mask it makes me feel happy, put your happy face on even if you feel a bit sad.

And last but not least is Kingpin. I like this sculpture by Olivia Bax because l like the way it changes when you look at is from different angles. It was made from different things like Chicken wire, newspaper, paint and PVA glue. I like that they used everyday materials.  This has inspired me to make my own sculpture one day.   

Hope you enjoyed my blog. Megan