Finding ways to boost wellbeing and feel good at home are imperative towards maintaining healthy bodies and minds.

Getting creative with the kids is a great way to keep them entertained for hours and help their imaginations run wild while at home. Enjoy our quick and easy-to-follow guides for fun family crafts using bits and pieces from around the house.

These simple kites are super easy to make, but great fun to play with. They are just made of paper and string, but you can decorate them however you like.

Equipment needed:

  • A4 paper
  • Other colour scrap paper
  • Pens
  • Stapler
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • String

1. Start by folding your A4 paper in half like a book.

2. Take a corner and bend in down towards the middle of the folded edge, and staple it to the bottom, near the folded edge of the paper. Repeat this on the opposite side to create two bendy wings.

3. Use your hold punch to punch a single hole just next to the staple. This is where you will tie your kite string later.

Now it is time to decorate your kite. You can decorate it however you want, but don’t try to stick too many things on otherwise it will be too heavy and won’t fly.

4. To make a bird like ours, cut out tail feathers and a triangle for the beak.

5. Tuck them into the fold of your kite, use glue to hold them in place.

6. Finally draw a little eye onto the bird, and tie your string through the hole in the middle.

Now your kite is ready to fly! Hold onto the end of your kite string, throw your kite in the air and start running - it will fly along behind youWhat happens if you try running into the wind? Does it still work when there isn’t any wind? 

What about making other characters for your kites? What about a superhero with his cape? We would love to see your creations! Share them with us on socials or below in the comments.