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You may not be able to fly away on holiday this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach new heights with these paper flying machines! Using just paper, scissors and a little spot of glue your paper airplane-making skills are going to take a real boost.

Equipment needed:

  • A4 coloured paper (or you can decorate plain paper however you like with pens and pencils) 
  • Glue 
  • Scissors 

Let’s get started:


1. Start by making a square from your rectangular piece of paper. You can do this by folding one corner over. Then cut off the excess paper from the end. Set this extra paper to one side as you will need it later.


2. Next, fold the bottom half of the paper up. Fold the corner up by about 1cm, then fold it over again and again until the bottom half is all folded up.

3. Take the two corners and roll the paper around so the corners meet, tucking one folded corner into the other. Hold it in place with some glue.

4. Now find your extra strip of paper that you cut off earlier. You'll want to create a slightly thinner strip, so fold this in half lengthways and cut along the fold to create two thinner strips of paper. You only need one of these.


5. Glue the strip of paper onto the top of your flying machine on the join you glued earlier. You might like to fold the wings up a little to help them stick out.

Allow it to dry and then you're ready to fly!

How far does your flying machine go? What happens if you throw it out of an upstairs window? What about if you throw it down the stairs?

Take it further and experiment...

Why not make a few flying machines of different sizes, or made of different types of paper. Try newspaper, or wrapping paper - what about magazine paper? Which paper works best? Which size flying machine travels the furthest?

Let us know how far your flying machines fly by sharing your photos or videos on socials.