Every month we feature a Shop ‘Pick of the Month’ on the website, but we wanted to know more about the suppliers of the beautiful arts and crafts, jewellery and handmade products that we stock in our Shop. So, we decided to introduce a monthly blog feature to get to know them. This month’s pick are the eco-friendly and super stylish Ecoffee Cup. We spoke to Sales Director at Tosh Products, Ali McLagan, to find out more.

Tell us a little about the ethos behind your Ecoffee Cup.

100 billion single-use coffee cups go to landfill each year; most aren't recycled because they either contain plastic, or facilities for waste separation don't exist. It's an alarming problem and one that gets bigger every year. There are other reusables out there, made from ceramic, plastic and stainless steel, but each of these has its own environmental considerations. That's why we created Ecoffee Cup: stylish, super light and lovely to drink from.

What materials do you use to make your products?

Ecoffee Cup is made from naturally organic, naturally sterile bamboo fibre – the fastest growing, most sustainable crop in the world. It requires no pesticides or chemicals in its propagation and is biodegradable at then end of its lifecycle. The manufacturing process uses less energy than conventional plastic and the shipping of raw materials is minimal – which reduces our CO2 footprint. We also use a non-GMO corn starch as our binder and our lids and grips are made from food grade silicone, a rubber made from bonded silicon (a natural element abundant in sand and rock) and oxygen.

But just don't take our word for it – Eden Project, Cornwall has even given Ecoffee Cup their tick of approval. That's why we call Ecoffee Cup The Natural Reusable

What’s the inspiration behind the designs?

Beyond eco credentials, we believe a product has to look great, feel good and be highly practical to boot. Our designs are inspired by what coffee culture means to people in the 21 Century; about making a design statement whilst flying from appointment to appointment. They're super light and feel a lot like paper to drink from – and with over 25 different colours and contemporary designs (and new ones constantly being introduced) we feel Ecoffee Cup packs just a little more style than its plastic or ceramic cousins.

Do you have any new designs ready for Spring 2015

Spring 2015 brings our newest crop of 14oz Ecoffee Cup – created by design teams all over the world: Italy, London, Stockholm and Japan – anywhere that feeds a vibrant caffe culture. We're also launching 6 new 12oz Ecoffee Cups later in the year – especially for those who like their coffee a little shorter.

The Ecoffee Cup is available to buy in our Shop in a range of designs. And even better, when you use your Ecoffee Cup in our 

Café - you will get 10% off any hot drink!