Whilst we're closed and working remotely, we’re all doing our best to stay positive and do what we can from home.

Every week, we're setting challenges for our Lightbox team to complete in a bid to bring us together whilst working apart and most importantly, to stay creative.

Last week, we challenged ourselves to recreate famous artworks. Can you guess the artist from our responses? Answers at the end of the blog.

1. First up, Bill recreated this striking self-portrait by a very famous Dutch artist.

2. Heather crafted her creation in response to the illustration by this Japanese artist who has exhibited their artworks all over the world.

3. Going for a slightly different approach, Sarah has made her own version of this famous American artist's self portrait.

4. An apple a day for Danny, who has recreated an iconic artwork by this Belgian surrealist painter.


5. Both Alex and John chose to recreate artworks by one of today's most successful British artists.

Can you guess the artists? Answers below:

1. Vincent van Gogh
2. Yoshitomo Nara
3. Keith Haring
4. René Magritte
5. Damien Hirst

For bonus points, can you also name the artworks?