Whilst we're closed and working remotely, we’re all doing our best to stay positive and do what we can from home.

Regrettably, there are many things we are unable to do remotely. However, this time away from the office is a really great opportunity for us to create loads of exciting new content for you that we haven’t been able to share before.

Every week, we're setting challenges for our Lightbox team to complete in a bid to bring us together whilst working apart and most importantly, to stay creative.

Last week, we challenged ourselves to draw our own self-portraits on Paint (or equivalent). Some suspiciously non-Painted results, but here's what we've come up with!

Exhibitions and Collections Officer Maraiga painted this masterful portrait of herself and friendly feline, Boy.

Extraordinary Emily, our Learning & Engagement Officer, has used all the tones to create her fiery self-portrait.

We're somewhat suspicious that Danny, Facilities Manager, did not use Paint for his portrait...

Marketing & Communications Officer Alex is all about those aesthetics - would you look at the colours!

James, Exhibitions Technician, is clearly missing The Lightbox, demonstrated through his ode to the building in a photographic portrait.

Head of Exhibitions Peter's portrait begs the question: why has he not hosted his own exhibition at The Lightbox?

Heather, our Head of Learning and Engagement, shows off her skills on the tablet in her self-portrait.

Operations Director Pru enjoys working in the sunshine with a big ol' cup of coffee by her side.

Abstract, definitely. Paint? We're not so sure. Associate Curator Michael collaged his portrait.

We're not sure whether to laugh or cry at Senior Learning & Engagement Officer Vicky's somewhat ghostly portrait. Isolation getting to you, Vicky?

Again, a suspicious portrait from Retail Manager Yvonne. We think we've seen this somewhere before?

Last, but by no means least, a smiley self-portrait from our Office Manager & Bookkeeper Susanne!

Now it's your turn! Tag us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to show us your self-portraits.