Whilst we're closed and working remotely, we’re all doing our best to stay positive and do what we can from home.

Every week, the team have been setting challenges to complete in a bid to bring us together whilst working apart and most importantly, to stay creative.

Last week, we challenged ourselves to create panoramic stories using our smartphones. If you'd like to join in, but don't have a smartphone, you can take a series of photos, like Emily did, below.

Emily's collage depicts her morning run moments before the heavens opened (much to Emily's delight).

Pru's daily walk with her family involves a lovely stroll through Woking Park. Clearly the weather was kinder to Pru than to Emily.

Susanne enjoys her lockdown walks and runs through Woking Golf Club. Grass certainly looks greener on one side!

Triplet Sarah is missing her sisters - so recreated them in this pano! A real improvement, if you ask her.

Vicky contemplated tidying her house for her panoramic story, but immediately thought that to be far too productive a use of her time. Here's Vicky's garden, where she's spent the bulk of her time in lockdown.

Alex's abode bodes well for the future of the house plant. When you can't go out - bring nature in!

Heather's happy panda, angry panda and I-don't-have-a-clue-what's-happening panda are real-time representations of our rollercoaster emotions right now.

Lastly - a familiar sight for most! Danny's doing a fabulous job looking after our lovely Lightbox.

These are our panoramic stories. A picture tells a thousand words. A panorama... you tell me! Send us your panoramic snaps and show us what you're up to.

Top tip: try moving around in the shot and see what funny shapes you can make!