The Lightbox Director, Marilyn Scott, will be writing a behind the scenes blog about what she has been up to in the last month.

It’s really busy here at The Lightbox – yesterday we were putting the finishing touches to The Impact of War which looks really great. Also Woking Society of Arts held their judging for works to go into their new autumn exhibition. I am always tempted to buy something as the works are always of a really high standard. On Wednesday evening I will be visiting another museum – the fascinating Museum of the Mind in SE London. They used to be called Bethlem Museum and hold the most fascinating collection of the history of mental health. I am privileged to be a Trustee and much looking forward to hearing about progress on their new museum which opens in 2015. It is always good to get out and hear about other museums and new projects, I always get good ideas to bring back to The Lightbox.

Last week I was in Cardiff attending the Museums Association Conference – that was a place for ideas and met delegates from all over the world. While I was in Cardiff I took the opportunity to go to Tredegar House – a beautifully preserved 17th century house just acquired by The National Trust, not to be missed if you are in that area. In London I attended a private view of a new Damien Hirst exhibition at the Paul Stolper Gallery. Really looking forward to his show here next year – you may love or hate his work but it certainly creates interest, one of the few private views I have had to queue to get into!

Image credit: 'The Ingram Collection: Impact of War' exhibition featuring detail of 'Canvas to our Imagination' by Darrell Evanes © The Lightbox