Our current exhibition ‘The Horse at War: 1914-1918’ showcases the animated artwork created by our fantastic Young Curators together with artists and animators Veselina Dashinova and Nick McArthur. Lauren, one of the Young Curators, has written a lovely blog about the Private View of 'The Horse at War' exhibition and the unveiling of the Young Curators work.

On Tuesday 25th November I was privileged to be invited to the Private View of ‘The Horse at War’ exhibition; it was amazing.

The exhibition was greatly presented. As you walked through the door there were guards greeting you with a 'Hello'. My mum and I got our names checked off of the guest list and walked in.

At 7pm the speeches began, there were a lot of speakers talking about the event and thanking everyone for coming. There was also Rae Smith who made an appearance on the night, as she talked about the whole event.

After the speeches everyone went upstairs to witness the exhibition. As we walked towards ‘The Horse at War’ main gallery we could see the Young Curators exhibit called 'Horse at Peace'. I was privileged to be part of The Young Curators myself for this terms brilliant exhibit. Young Curators is a short course for 14-19 year olds where you have approximately 5 sessions working towards a specific art project. For me, it has been amazing and really opened my eyes to art in general and exhibitions.

Everyone I saw who was looking at the Young Curators exhibit seemed to love it, and all the other girls who participated in this piece were also very happy with the final outcome.

The next part of the main exhibition was the bit that I was excited for the most, and that was to see the real Joey from War Horse. It was amazing to be there and to witness him face to face; not just through a screen. The exhibit was so beautiful, everything looked so amazing and people worked very hard on it. They went to great lengths to get everything in place for the exhibition.

If you have the time I would definitely suggest that you go and have a look, you won't regret it.

The Young Curators Project is currently on display outside the Main Gallery of The Lightbox as part of ‘The Horse at War: 1914-1918’ exhibition.

Find out more about ‘The Horse at War: 1914-1918’ exhibition here. If you are interested in taking part in our next Young Curators Project: Planes, Trains and Automobiles,  you can find out more here.