Ahead of her adult Tie Dyeing workshop on 23 July, we spoke to tie dye expert Nicole Line who shared her top tips.

1. Always make sure you wear rubber gloves…. otherwise your hands will be just as colourful as your t-shirt!

2. You can always create new colours from the dyes provided, see what interesting shades you can make!

3. Instead of going out any buying items to tie dye, why not see what you have a home first!

On Saturday 23 July join Nicole for her Tie Dye workshop for adults! You can bring a variety of items to dye from socks to napkins, t-shirts and pillowcases (6 items maximum). Cotton fabrics work best and it’s fine if it’s coloured. In the workshop you will explore the different colours (if you’re feeling brave, even create new colours like Nicole suggested!) and try a range of Shibori techniques, such as folding, twisting and scrunching, before dyeing your final pieces. This workshop will be full of fun, colour and perfect for adding some new items to your summer wardrobe. Please dress for mess, (the dye does stain clothing), and bring plastic bags to take the items home in. Latex gloves will be provided, but bring your own rubber gloves if preferred.

To book your place click here or call 01483 737800 for more information.

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