This month’s pick of the month in the Café is Jude’s Ice Cream.  We spoke to Zoe Barber from Jude’s to find out how they make their ice cream so delicious.

Tell us about how Jude’s ice cream got started.
Back in 2002, Jude’s husband decided to follow a different way of life. In a barn at his home in Hampshire he immersed himself in the art of creating the tastiest ice cream, which he lovingly named after his wife.
He originally made it as a hobby, selling to the village pub. However soon the whole family joined in, and Jude’s is now served in some of the UK’s best restaurants and venues.

What makes Jude’s ice cream so delicious? (Where do you source your ingredients?)
We make all our flavours in the village of Twyford, in the hills of the South Downs. We find the world's best ingredients, as close to home as possible. Our milk comes from our friends at Matterley Farm just a few miles down the road. We can trace our ice cream to the cows that are milked on the day. Other ingredients from Hampshire include Mint from Summerdown Farm and Apples from Hill Farm.

How do you come up with all of the amazing flavours?
Well first we sit down and drink lots of tea (no, we really do...this is an integral part of the process), until someone suggests a flavour that sends us giddy with excitement. Then we go and find the very best ingredients, from Madagascan Vanilla to Hampshire mint or Essex Sea Salt. Then we stir it all up with our rich base mix, made with milk from the Matterley Farm cows, British eggs and sugar.
After a lot of tinkering and tasting we take our newly birthed flavour to be tested by some of the best chefs in the country (we’ve made some friends along the way!) Lastly Jude’s husband grants the final seal of approval before we all get churning.

What’s your favourite flavour?
That’s a tricky one. We’ve made so many flavours over the years from our exotic coconut to our very English gooseberry and elderflower ice cream - we love them all! Our Salted caramel is probably the all time favourite though, it never disappoints!

How do you eat yours? We like the Salted Caramel with one of our brownies!
Straight from the tub! But alongside your brownies sounds very tempting indeed…

What do you like about The Lightbox?
We love many things about The Lightbox. The variety of exhibitions and workshops which are displayed each week. Your beautiful setting along the riverside. As well as the selection of local business which contribute to your cafe menu.

Thank you to Zoe for answering our questions, make sure you pop in try some of the tastiest ice cream around this summer!

Did you know that our Café has been chosen as a finalist for the Surrey Life Food and Drink Awards 2015 tea/coffee shop of the year? We are very excited and would like to thank  everyone who nominated us!

Image credits: Jude’s Van in Hampshire © Jude’s Ice Cream; Jude’s Trike © Jude’s Ice Cream; Jude’s Ice Cream at The Lightbox, image courtesy of Mimi Kim © The Lightbox.