Café Scientifique is a national movement for science and technology. The Woking Branch, set up by Dr Chris Bore, meets on the last Thursday of every month at 7.00pm for Lightbox Lates to discuss science and technology in a fun, engaging and informal way.

This season's schedule and talk subjects:

25 April  2019 | Why quantum physics can't be real (and local...)
Bell's Theorem is one of the most peculiar theories of physics: showing that quantum mechanics cannot be both real and local - and so raising fundamental and challenging questions about how we interpret science. In this talk Sapphire Lally from the Quantum Biology Institute will explain and discuss Bell's Theorem and its strange implications.

30 May 2019 | Addiction
According to the charity Action on Addiction, 1 in 3 people are addicted to something. Addiction is defined as not having control over doing, taking or using something to the point where it could be harmful to you. In this talk Peter Davies of Addiction Care UK explains and discusses the many, complex and nuanced causes, effects and ramifications of addiction and its handling and treatment.

27 June 2019 | Quantum Creativity
If Brian Cox had pursued his music career he might be Ryan Fox: singer, songwriter, composer, programmer, and quantum philosopher. Sounds like Dylan, covers Coldplay's 'Science', thinks about music, coding and physics, and is coming to animate Cafe Sci to sing something quantum - like that little ditty he wrote on quantum mechanics. Where are we going with this? Who knows - but uncertainty is the essence, isn't it? Prepare to be entranced, challenged, and fascinated by a thoughtful - and musical - consideration of what it means to be quantum.

25 July 2019 | Navigating the Food Science Maze

It's complicated... Our relationship with food is complicated, and the science is contradictory and confusing. How can an 'ordinary' person navigate the conflicting advice and evidence, to decide what is good to eat? In this very personal talk Sarah Bore tells how the challenge of managing chronic illness led to a fascination with the science of eating, and its application to everyday life.

29 August 2019 | Being David Bowie
Will Brooker spent a year living as David Bowie. He sees this work as research through performance - to try to understand someone, their life and work, by living as them. Will is Professor of Film and Cultural Studies at Kingston University London, and was once nicknamed 'Dr Batman' for his PhD in Batman. He has authored several books on culture, including of course 'Forever Stardust: David Bowie Across The Universe'. This will be a fascinating talk, about a fascinating man, by a fascinating speaker.

26 September 2019 | Cafe Sci Special - Dark Matter, Astrophysical Probes and Gravitational Lensing
Save this date for a Cafe Sci Special: hosted in the Lightbox's premier Ambassador Room with video projection for some of the most awe-inspiring astronomical images of modern times, and a stimulating panel discussion by expert astronomers from the University of Surrey - and with a late night extension for viewing through telescopes in the courtyard after (weather permitting).
Details to follow.

Free Entry | £3 Suggested Donation