Marion Sarafis (1913-1999)

Marion was born Marion Pascoe on 8th December 1913 at the family house Bracken Hill (formerly The Bungalow) in Heathside Crescent, Woking.

Marion was an archaeologist and writer who loved Greece. In 1936 she travelled to Athens with the British School of Archaeology, and the following year worked on excavations in Crete where she uncovered two statues that are now in the Heraklion museum.

Whilst she was in Milos she met Stefanos Sarafis, a leading leftist republican in internal exile, who became a general in the Greek Popular Liberation Army (ELAS) in World War II.

During the war Marion worked in England for Greek relief efforts. After the war she became a founder member of the League for Democracy in Greece, and in 1951 edited an English version of Stefanos’ book “Greek resistance army: the story of ELAS”.

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