Woking‘s manufacturing industries have never been as heavy or extensive as the those in the industrial areas of the Midlands and North.  Before the 1890s there was little else than brewers, brickmakers, a lavender farm, liquorice factory and a maker of fringes for fabrics.

This display will focus on a selection of business firms, such as Unwin’s printers, which came to Woking since the end of the nineteenth century and whose products have been known nationally and beyond.

Also featured are a few items from smaller and more unusual industries which are in The Lightbox Heritage Collection, but of some industries little remains beyond entries in directories.  

We acknowledge with gratitude loans from the Wandsworth Group, Jeyes Group (for Parozone) and the Surrey History Centre.

Find out more by visiting the display located outside Woking's Story.

Image: A Mural at Unwin's Printers © The Lightbox