Donated by John Kay BDS, this photograph used to be positioned on the ceiling above the dentist's chair at the Woking Dental Practice in Oriental Road.

It is obvious that Woking has greatly changed! The station is still in the same place and, in order to help you find your bearings, Christ Church (the church in Jubilee Square) is in the centre of the photograph, next to the surface car park. The long straight road leading north from the station is Chertsey Road. You can see how this road was a straight road between Chertsey and Guildford before the arrival of the railway and the development of Woking's town.

Along Commercial Way the white turret of the Atalanta Ballroom is visible; formerly the Wesleyan Church Hall, it is where pop groups such as the Rolling Stones appeared. This is now the site of Wolsey Place shopping centre.

With the closure of Cawsey Way (12 June 2017) and the development of Victoria Square, the aerial view of Woking will be changing, once again.

The Lightbox has a collection of aerial photographs of Woking which researchers may view by appointment.

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