Pam has been registered blind her whole life, but her infectious personality simply sparkles as she jokes and jests with husband Ron.

“Growing up, it wasn’t always easy,” Pam admits. “I was never at home, and I didn’t feel part of the family. Boarding school [for the visually impaired] was great and I had so many more opportunities and made such close friends, but come the holidays, I felt very isolated.”

“Outside of boarding school, there was nothing for me to do,” Pam explains. “While my brothers and sisters were out playing with their friends, I would stay and help my mother with the housework, which was really boring!”

“I never in my life thought I would be able to go somewhere like this,” Pam gushes, referring to
The Lightbox. “It’s so lovely because it’s local and we can just pop in the car. Easy.”

Pam has attended Audio-Described Tours and Workshops with husband Ron since before 2012. “Although we are totally different,” Pam explains, “Ron and I enjoy the same things, and we both love art – which is convenient!”

“The wonderful volunteers describe the artwork so beautifully,” Pam smiles. “It’s opened my eyes to so much I wouldn’t have known. We haven’t always had these kinds of opportunities, in the blind community. I’m sure The Lightbox was one of the first, but a lot of galleries do audio-descriptions now, which is amazing.”

“I just never ever thought I would be able to enjoy art,” Pam muses. “But here I am!”

“It’s such a wonderful facility you provide at The Lightbox, so that everyone, including those with a visual impairment, can appreciate all the excellent exhibitions, and everything else on offer.”

Your Membership, ticket purchases and donations help to fund our charitable ventures, including Audio-Described Tours and our Art and Wellbeing programme, so wonderful people like Pam can continue to enjoy art now and in the future.